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“Megan was a great speech therapist for both my boys. She tailored her sessions to each of them to their specific needs and was able to really transform their speech ability. From my 3 year old not talking at all to a point where he’s now making full sentences confidently. I would definitely recommend Megan as she’s experienced with kids across different ages and she’s great at what she does. She also has very flexible hours and is very good at communicating. “

-Mother of 3 year old and a 6 year old boys -

''There was great improvement with my daughter since we started with Megan, she helped build new skills for my daughter and she is now developing better understanding. Megan provides all necessary information to help with therapy, she is kind and lovely to work with and always succeeds to meet my daughter's needs.''

 - Mother of a 3 year old - 

''Megan has been working with my daughter for some time now, and we have seen a great improvement in her speech and in her interaction with her peers. We recommend Megan to our family and friends'"

- Mother of a 7 year old girl -

''Megan arrived promptly at my home and I found the assessment to be very helpful - a full and very thorough report was sent to me shortly after our meeting. Megan was very professional and extremely patient with Joe. She gave me ideas on activities to work on and also sent through visuals that have been very beneficial.'' 

- Mother of a 12 year old boy -

''Megan has been seeing our son and family for a short while now. We have seen huge improvements in our son’s speech and our confidence to assist him. Megan has gone above and beyond to support us and give us as much advice as possible. She has created plans and communication tools for him and talked us through it all. We have a bit of a road ahead of us and we are so lucky to have Megan to teach and support us all through it. Thankyou Megan for everything you are doing and have done.''

- Mother of a 3 year old boy -

''Megan is very kind, passionate, informative and patient which has been brilliant for my son and I. We have seen a lot of improvement over the past few months in my son's speech and communication skills and I am so grateful for her support.''

- Mother of a 2 year old boy - 

''Megan has been seeing our son for a few months and it’s been incredible to see his growth. He is 3 years old with speech delay. She is very friendly and was easily able to engage with our son from the first session. She caters the sessions to the needs and is able to personalise each session to fully engage. She has also been really helpful with how we can help to communicate and encourage the speech. She’s also able to consult with the nursery to work on his plan and provide us with reports. Thank you for all that you do to help us on our journey.'' 

- mother of a 3 year old boy - 

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