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Initial phone consultation: free

An initial 15 minute free consultation to discuss your child's needs and for me to provide information about my services.


Therapy Session: £70 per hour
Therapy sessions consist of both direct therapy with your child and parent coaching. Best outcomes are achieved when parents are able to carryover the strategies used to support the development of your child's communication skills. This fee includes all clinical administration e.g. planning resources, clinical documentation, a written summary of the session and liaison with key adults. Sessions can be carried out face to face or online and last up to an hour. A detailed summary report will be provided at the end of a block of 4 sessions, outlining your child's communication strengths and needs, and recommendations for targets and strategies for home and school/nursery. 


Formal Assessment Package: £70 per hour
Formal assessment is required if you are seeking an speech and language assessment for the purpose of an Education Health and Care Plan. The assessment process includes two face to face visits, usually at home and one in the education setting, and includes information gathering from parents and your child's educational keyworkers to provide a comprehensive assessment of your child's current communication strengths and needs. The total assessment process (including face to face visits, clinical recording and report writing) usually takes up to 5 hours in total. Assessment include formal assessment measures, and quantified and specified outcomes and provision, using evidence based recommendations. 

Online consultations: £60

If you are looking for advice or coaching on your child's communication needs, online sessions can also be provided.

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